It's time to move
beyond VPNs

Faction secures

All your devices

easily in a totally decentralized, encrypted private Faction Network visible, accessible and controlled only by you.

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VPNs are Not Actually Secure or Private!

Over 1 billion people and millions of organizations use VPNs and SDNs/ZTNA to attempt to protect their networking, devices and data. But what most of these people don’t know is that VPNs have 3 core vulnerabilities which make your security and privacy impossible to guarantee.

  • Centralized servers, with human access and control

  • Visible for study and attack

    visible fear
  • Do not protect data except in transit

    unsafe fear

SDNs are more secure and can micro-segment access but...

  • Still Have Centralized Control and Vulnerabilities

  • Complex and Hard for End Users and IT

  • Expensive Enterprise Solutions & Support

Neither can protect the critical smart and dumb devices that fill our workplaces, factories and lives

Smart Office



Smart Infrastructure

Smart Manufacturing

What About Your Data (Oops)?

  • VPNs and SDNs only protect data in transit

    So your data just lies around on endpoint devices and cloud servers waiting for the next hack.

  • Data encryption solutions can be layered on, but have many pain points

    • Centralized, Admin Access

    • Don’t Scale, Complex and Rigid

      visible fear
    • Poor User Experience

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  • But Now There Is Faction

    Faction gives you 360 security for networking, devices and data that is low cost, simple to deploy and easy to use

  • Private and Secure Networking

    Faction Networks are created and controlled only by you. NOBODY - including Faction Communications - can see or access it unless YOU invite and authenticate them personally

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  • smart factory
  • ALL Your Devices

    Faction Pod for the Smart Manufacturing, Office and Home

    Faction Pods change the game to easily and flexibly secure all of your smart, dumb and legacy devices in the networked distributed workplace, smart manufacturing and Infrastructure.

    Protect Your Cameras

    Camera's pervade and watch every aspect and minute of our lives today. While we use, enjoy and rely upon them, none of them are secure or private.

    The Faction Pod enables you to take control of who and what can connect to your camera, and where the data goes.

    Access & Share on Your Personal Private Network

    The Faction Pod enables you for the first time to protect:

    • Smart Home & Office Devices
    • network attached storage drives, printers and other office appliances
    • Local Data Servers

    Protect Your Smart and Dumb Devices

    Each Pod is a local gateway to your Faction PPN, so you can:

    • securely share these devices across any number of locations - local or global
    • and exit from each location for Private Web browsing too!

    Faction Pods are Easy, Fast, Low Cost and Flexible to All of Your Needs and Use Cases

    Smart Office / Distributed Workplace
    • Keep Your Cameras Private

    • Secure Your Printers and NAS Drives

    • Secure Your Networked Dumb Devices

    • Build Your Own Pod Network

    Smart Manufacturing & Infrastructure
    • Keep Your CCTV Cameras private

    • Protect Your Manufacturing & IOT Devices

    • Secure Smart Infrastructure

    • Secure Access to Cloud Servers and Data

  • Data Encryption

    Thanks to the Faction device-based Key Factory - and invisible, private Faction Networks controlled by YOU - Faction can securely distribute and manage keys to protect your communications and data both in transit at rest across users, devices and Web servers - even in other applications with bullet-proof AES 256 encryption

    Faction Puts You in Control

    Faction can't fix everything. But it can give you back security and privacy for your networking, smart and dumb devices, and data



    Set up in minutes, use the Internet, applications and your WiFi networks and other LANs as you always do.

    hierarchy with user

    Controlled by You

    Only YOU create and control the keys for your Faction Network, Groups, Devices and Members.


    Private and Secure

    Faction Networks are encrypted and completely invisible and inaccessible on the Internet.

    Faction Works the Way You Use the Internet

    The Faction Key Factory, together with our proprietary virtual routers, powers unlimited granularity, flexibility and scalability of encryption to address any use case


    Not just voice, messages and email - video, streaming data and files of any size, volume and throughput.


    Secure devices, networks or private groups of users - and messages, files and any data exchanged between them.


    The Faction Key Factory enables unlimited granularity and volume of encryption keys to flex to any use case.

    Build You Own Pod Networks

    Effortlessly build a totally private and secure network to protect and share devices across any number of locations - whether in a large home, office or other property, or multiple sites located anywhere in the world.

    • Protect Cameras & Devices Spread Across a Large Property

    • Share and Protect Devices with family, friends & teams across the world

    • Access Your Home/Office Devices, Web and Streaming While Traveling


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